At C&C Partners, you can rely on our proven, team-oriented approach – a seamless design/build process that ensures high quality results in every phase of the project

C&C Partners

15-Step Design/Build Process

Phase 1

Preliminary Study

Discuss project vision, research preliminary budget, and initial design requirements to make informed decisions

Project Requirements

  • Define project design program
  • Establish a preliminary budget range

Pre-Design Research

  • Analyze site condition
  • Research local and governmental regulations
  • Establish architectural style

Preliminary Design

  • Review Conceptual drawings
  • Study cost-effective design solutions

Construction Budget

  • Discuss preliminary specification
  • Establish line item budget
  • Review value engineering options

Construction Financing

  • Complete construction loan
  • Obtain project approval
  • Receive “good faith estimate”

“Through collaborative home-owner participation, we can build the dream.”

-Michael Cunningham, GC

Phase 2

Design Development

Make initial home feature selections and manage budget

Design Development

  • Focus on interior and exterior architectural details
  • Research custom materials options

Custom Selection

  • Work with interior designer
  • Shop for products and accessories
  • Obtain builder discounts

Building Plans

  • Complete project engineering
  • Meet with landscape architect


  • Finalize building specifications
  • Analyze bids
  • Finalize budget

Permitting / Loan

  • Obtain all local and city approvals prior to construction start
  • Finalize construction loan

Through our 3 phases and 15 steps, we show you a macro approach to our structured process that is proven time and time again.

Phase 3


Build a custom home with detailed plans and supervised construction


  • Insurance requirements in place
  • Submit early purchase orders
  • Collection releases


  • Supervised construction
  • Design Microsoft schedule
  • Ensure quality control

Design and Build Partnership

  • Design team construction site visits
  • Weekly Design and build team meetings

Home Orientation

  • Finalized selections
  • Homeowner manual

Post Construction

  • Market and sell home
  • Warranty begins
  • New home maintenance


C&C Partners has been recognized as one of the elite custom-home builders in the United States by the National Association of Home Builders and Custom Home Magazine, along with being awarded Best of Houzz Design multiple years in a row.