3 Breathtaking Trends You Should Incorporate Into Your Custom Home Design

Whether you’re a real estate developer working with a design/build firm to build a new property or a homeowner undergoing a home renovation, deciding on new interior decor can be an overwhelming task. Especially if you don’t think you have an eye for design, many homeowners can be left lacking inspiration for their new custom home design.

If you’re still trying to decide how to decorate your new custom home, looking at current design trends can help get you started. This year, three particular trends are taking over the market: green and brown tones, nature-inspired surfaces, and secondhand accents.

1. Earth Tones

Black, white and gray have taken over the home design space for the past few years, but earth tones such as green and brown are making a ferocious comeback in 2023. Perhaps inspired by the lifestyle shift prompted by the pandemic, homeowners are increasingly choosing greens and browns to create a calming atmosphere and give life to their homes.

From deep chocolate brown to caramel and from jade green to sage, all levels of depth and richness are celebrated in this design trend. You can mix lush greens and earthy browns to create a forest-like atmosphere or go for something more subtle with pale green and wood accents.

2. Natural Elements

This desire to bring a natural look to homes extends to trend No. 2 — natural elements. Homeowners are incorporating more nature-inspired surfaces and objects to bring organic shapes and softness into their homes, a contrast from the harsh lines and stark monochromatic colors of the past decade.

Natural elements can include anything from large windows for more sunlight to botanical-inspired wallpaper or upholstery. Add indoor plants, wood walls or doors, hand-crafted masonry, or stone tile to create a stronger connection with nature and encourage the mental and emotional benefits associated.

3. Sustainable Accent Pieces

Yet another step away from sleek, minimalist modern design is the trend of vintage accent pieces. Motivated by both a renewed love for organic, handcrafted items as well as a desire to be more sustainable, secondhand goods are becoming the most sought-after design pieces of 2023.

From granny-chic upholstery to antique gold finishes and artisanal accent pieces, sustainable decor is the way to go. Try visiting your local flea market or estate sale to find a well-loved decor piece you may not expect to find — or will likely ever find again.

Custom homes should reflect the owners and their personal style, so ask your home architect for recommendations, but keep in mind that custom homes are just that — customized to your preferences. Ultimately, we will always advise the hiring of an interior designer to help tie everything together. 

There are thousands of design options when creating custom homes from scratch, so the possibilities are endless. At C&C Partners, we understand how overwhelming home renovation and new home construction can be, which is why we work closely alongside you from concept to completion, guaranteeing a seamless process that results in a one-of-a-kind design/build experience.

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