Custom Home Design and Permitting: What You Need To Know

Building your dream home is an extremely exciting and rewarding experience! From choosing the perfect layout to selecting the materials and finishes, every aspect of custom home design allows you to create a space that truly reflects your lifestyle and personality.

However, like any major construction project, building a custom home also involves a lot of paperwork, including obtaining the necessary permits. While this can be a daunting process, we’re here to walk you through the importance of building permits and what you need to know when applying for them.

When Do You Need a Building Permit?

One of the most common misconceptions about building permits is that they are only required for large and complex building projects. In reality, most building projects, no matter how big or small, require a permit. While minor repairs and improvements often don’t need a permit, any type of structural changes, large-scale renovations, significant remodeling, or new home construction will require permits from the city or other governing body.

If you live within an HOA, you will almost certainly need to apply for HOA approval in addition to requesting city building permits. While the rules for the types of projects that need a permit differ between communities, it’s always best to inquire with your HOA board and ensure you pull permits if they’re needed. If you’re working with a design-build firm, they can help walk you through this process and apply for all necessary permits on your behalf.

Types of Projects That Require a Permit

The new home construction process often involves many different types of projects, each with its own types of permits. Each system of your home — the frame, the electrical system, the mechanical system, the plumbing system, et cetera — all require unique permits.

Before construction begins, your architectural design firm can advise you on all of the different types of permits that will be required for the project to ensure that you have everything in order. If you begin construction before permits are finalized, you may be charged fines or experience project delays.

Tips for Applying for Permits

The process of obtaining building permits can be overwhelming, but with proper preparation and research, you can ensure it’s a smooth and efficient process. If you’re working with a custom home builder, they should be knowledgeable about the local permit process and able to walk you through the entire process step-by-step.

To ensure you don’t experience any delays with your new home construction, begin applying for permits as soon as possible. It can often take weeks or months to get your paperwork approved, depending on the governing body and how many signatories are required, so apply for all permits well in advance of your scheduled construction start date.

It’s also important to understand the process and have all your paperwork in order before applying. If you have everything they need and can answer all questions promptly, your application will be approved more quickly. Familiarize yourself with the local rules, regulations, and laws affecting your project, and ask your architectural design firm for assistance and resources if necessary.

Obtaining all the necessary permits for new home construction can be a daunting process, but having the right architectural design firm by your side will make it simple and stress-free. At C&C Partners, we understand how overwhelming home renovation and new home construction can be, which is why we work closely alongside you from concept to completion, guaranteeing a seamless process that results in a one-of-a-kind design/build experience. 

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