Five Critical Mistakes to Avoid During Your Custom Home Design Construction

Few things are more exciting than building your dream home from the ground up. The sky is the limit when it comes to custom home construction; everything from the location to the design details is within your control.

Though the possibilities are nearly endless, there are a few best practices to help you avoid the most common mistakes people make during the design/build process. We want your experience building your new home to be seamless, so we’ve compiled the five most common pitfalls you’ll want to avoid when building a custom home.

Not Researching Before Buying a Lot

Found a plot of land in the perfect location? 

Make sure to research local restrictions, environmental regulations and potential site challenges before buying land. You’ll also want to determine how much prepping the site for home construction will cost. Knowing these pieces of information will help assure that you’ll actually be able to build your dream home on a lot. 

Putting Design Ahead of Budget

Knowing the major features you want in your custom home is important, but a preliminary budget should always come before the final design.

A great design/build firm will establish your budget with you in the earlier stages of their custom home design process to ensure things flow seamlessly.

Not Taking The Property Into Account

The size, shape and slope of your lot can affect what kind of home you’re able to build on a specific lot. Consider this when choosing a lot, or be open to altering your design if the foundation presents restrictions.

Choosing the Wrong Builders

Building your dream home is one of your biggest, most exciting investments. Make sure to choose custom home builders with a reputation for excellence.

C&C Partners has completed beautiful custom homes for the most exclusive neighborhoods since 1987. We’re an all-inclusive design/build firm with a proven track record of providing the finest home-building experience for our clients.

Making Changes During Construction

Changing plans is a natural part of the custom home design and build process. However, the earlier changes are made, the easier they are to accomplish – and the less expensive they’ll be.

At C&C Partners, we take the time to iron out all the design details with you before construction begins. Our all-inclusive design/build firm will ensure the process flows smoothly from concept to final construction. We’ll make your custom home-building experience exceptional. Contact us online today or call us at (310) 322-0803 and tell us how we can service your needs.