Four Custom Home Architecture Styles That are Sure to Turn Heads

When beginning the custom home design process, researching and narrowing down architectural styles is a great place to start. 

If you’re driving by a row of different houses, you’ll notice that some stand out to you more than others. Maybe there’s a particular design or aesthetic that feels like “you,” but you’re not sure what the exact term for it is. 

Below are four popular home architecture styles commonly referenced during custom home construction.

Contemporary Design

Contemporary homes have a simple, clean design. These homes have abundant natural light and are often made with large doors and windows. They tend to have open-concept floor plans centered around the kitchen or living area, feature natural materials and aren’t overly colorful.

The terms “modern” and “contemporary” are sometimes used interchangeably when referring to custom home styles. However, modern homes are actually those built from the 1950s to the 1970s. While they have a similarly sleek style, contemporary homes are built more recently and are more reflective of current innovations and design trends.

Traditional Design 

Traditional refers to a typical home style that originated in the 40s. Traditional homes feel welcoming and warm, often featuring details like arched doorways and built-in shelves. Traditional designs have more formal, compartmentalized layouts and richer colors than contemporary homes. 

Transitional Design

These homes are the perfect mix of contemporary and traditional design, and safe to assume the most popular style from 2020 to now. Transitional homes have the clean, simple lines of more contemporary homes with the warmth and symmetry of traditional styles. They typically have neutral color palettes, creating a welcoming feel that suits a range of different preferences. As designers, we find it incredibly fun blending the many details of both styles to achieve the look and feel of a transitional home. 

Mediterranean Design

Mediterranean-style home design pulls inspiration from older Greek and Italian architecture. Popular in California, Mediterranean homes have tile roofs, stucco walls and elaborate features. They tend to be centered around an extravagant courtyard or garden with a U-shaped layout and feature saturated colors and dramatic details. It can easily gravitate toward Spanish as well, given the correct details. Nevertheless, both Mediterranean and Spanish style homes are proven time and time again to be a timeless design. 

The beauty of custom home building is that you can pull elements from whatever home styles you like. Unlike spec homes, the only limit on custom home construction is your imagination. At C&C Partners, we’ve designed and built stunning custom homes in every style, combining our expertise with our clients’ unique visions to create the extraordinary. Contact us today by visiting us online or calling (310) 322-0803