Important Custom Home Design Decisions To Make Before Starting Construction

Building a custom home is an extremely exciting and rewarding experience for any homeowner. From choosing the perfect location to creating a personalized layout that meets your family’s needs, every aspect requires careful planning and decision-making to ensure it perfectly suits your household.

One of the most crucial stages in the custom home-building process is making initial design decisions. These decisions will not only affect the overall look and feel of your dream home, but also impact its functionality and cost. To help you navigate this complex process, keep reading to learn more about the important custom home design decisions that you should make before starting the construction process.

What Design Decisions Come First?

Your first decisions in the custom home design process will pertain to your overall vision for the property. When you first meet with your home architect, let them know what architectural styles you like and what your must-haves are for the space. They’ll be able to guide you in choosing styles that meet your aesthetic wants, functional needs, and any neighborhood or HOA guidelines. This is also the phase during which you’ll design the initial floor plan with your team, which will serve as the foundation for the rest of your vision.

This is also the point at which you should make clear any wishlist items or must-haves. The earlier you tell your design-build firm about these, the more likely you are to be able to achieve them. These can include general floor plan ideas like an open-concept kitchen or ground-level primary bedroom, or they can be small stylistic details such as countertop materials or hardware finishes.

What Rooms Should You Focus on Most?

While every room in your custom home is important, there are certain spaces that should take priority in your design decisions. These are the most heavily used areas of your home that will see foot traffic on a daily basis and, therefore, require more careful planning.

These heavily trafficked spaces include the kitchen, living room, family room, and primary bedroom. Focusing first and foremost on these areas will help solidify your vision within a reasonable scope and serve as a starting point for ancillary rooms such as guest rooms and bathrooms, ensuring everything is cohesive without overwhelming you with decisions.

When Do You Need to Make Design Decisions?

Generally, it’s important to make all design decisions as early in the process as possible. These decisions serve as the foundation for the rest of the design and construction decisions, so finalizing these aspects is necessary to move forward with the project in an organized, timely, and cost-effective manner. Delaying key decisions not only delays the construction timeline but can also increase costs and cause headaches for both you and your design-build team.

While some selections can be made once the construction process has already started, others need to be finalized during the initial architectural design phase. These selections include:

  • Windows
  • Exterior doors
  • Roof materials
  • Exterior materials
  • Appliances
  • Plumbing fixtures
  • Fireplace details
  • Interior flooring materials

Your architectural design firm will provide you with a schedule of the selections that need to be made and when they need to be made, so you can research and finalize these choices without getting overwhelmed.

There are thousands of design options when creating custom homes from scratch, so the possibilities are endless. At C&C Partners, we understand how overwhelming home renovation and new home construction can be, which is why we work closely alongside you from concept to completion, guaranteeing a seamless process that results in a one-of-a-kind design/build experience. 

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