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How To Stay Proactive During Your Custom Home’s Pre-Construction Phase

Building a custom home requires a great deal of planning, preparation and coordination. One of the most important phases of the custom home-building process is the pre-construction phase. During this period, many important decisions must be made, and paperwork must be completed in order to move forward with the construction.  It is essential that you […]

How Can You Prevent Delays in Your New Home Construction?

The fear of construction delays is a common deterrent to custom home building. Construction slowing to a halt is incredibly frustrating – especially if you’re living in a temporary home during the process. While these delays are far too common in the industry, preventing them is entirely possible (if there are no more pandemics). With […]

Four Ways to Effectively Prioritize Your Home Renovation Goals

Building a custom home is one of the best investments you’ll ever make. Unlike spec homes, custom home buildings allow you to create something radically unique. From landscaping to millwork, the pen is in your hands every step of the way. While exhilarating, new home construction could also be an intimidating process. To effectively prioritize […]

Five Essential Features That Add Value to Your New Home Construction

Building a custom home gives you endless opportunities to add value and express your personal style. With the right design architect and interior designer, you can create an extraordinary new home that’s both marketable and distinctly yours! To start your brainstorming, we’ve compiled a list of five luxury features that can seriously elevate and add […]

Four Custom Home Architecture Styles That are Sure to Turn Heads

When beginning the custom home design process, researching and narrowing down architectural styles is a great place to start.  If you’re driving by a row of different houses, you’ll notice that some stand out to you more than others. Maybe there’s a particular design or aesthetic that feels like “you,” but you’re not sure what […]

The Four Most Frequently Asked Questions When Building a Custom Home

As an architectural design firm, there are a few questions clients frequently ask us at the beginning of the design/build process. Building a custom home can feel overwhelming – after all, your dream home is likely one of the biggest investments you’ll make. At C&C Partners, we understand how difficult unforeseen challenges building a home […]