How Can You Prevent Delays in Your New Home Construction?

The fear of construction delays is a common deterrent to custom home building. Construction slowing to a halt is incredibly frustrating – especially if you’re living in a temporary home during the process.

While these delays are far too common in the industry, preventing them is entirely possible (if there are no more pandemics). With these four tips, you’ll be living in your dream home in no time!

Work With an Interior Designer

The right interior designer makes a world of difference in the new home construction process. An experienced interior designer will provide structural design expertise and selection assistance that makes the selection process run smoothly and efficiently.

Interior designers are also expert problem-solvers. They’ll ensure construction flows efficiently by finding creative solutions to any unexpected issues that may arise during the design/build process. In short, they’ll save you and the construction team a lot of time – and likely some headaches, too.

Choose a Great Architectural Design Firm

Construction delays are often the result of poor planning and communication. By choosing a design/build firm that prioritizes organization, you can expect a much more enjoyable custom home-building process.

At C&C Partners, we take a unique, all-inclusive approach that effectively limits construction delays. By handling everything from design to construction in-house, we ensure excellent communication from start to finish.

We’ll also iron out design and budgeting details in the earliest stages of our process to minimize the issues during construction. Our seamless design/build model has been proven effective time and time again.

Minimize the Number of Selection Changes

Building your dream home is an exciting but sometimes overwhelming experience. The design possibilities and choices are limitless, which can make it challenging to commit to just one layout, style or design.

However, you must complete your final selections before construction to ensure the building process runs efficiently. Changing your mind on significant elements can be costly and frustrating and substantially slow down the build process.

The C&C Partners team will ensure you’re 100 percent comfortable with (and excited about!) the design before we move into construction. We’ll take your vision and ideas and create something extraordinary. 

Meet With Your Custom Home Builders Regularly

You deserve to be as involved as you’d like to be in building your new home. The right architectural design firm will encourage you to have regular meetings with their team to discuss any desired changes or adjustments sooner rather than later. 

Taking site walks during construction is also helpful, as you’ll be able to check and ensure everything is running according to schedule. At C&C Partners, we believe in regular Construction Administration visits with our Project Managers to ensure all design choices and intent is being covered and executed. 

At C&C Partners, we offer an unparalleled level of service. We ensure transparency, timeliness and architectural excellence from initial design through final construction. We’ve built some exquisite luxury homes for the nation’s most established and exclusive neighborhoods, and it would be our privilege to service your needs. Call us at (310) 322-0803 or contact us online to start building your custom home today.